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Policy of keeping safety and security on Foreign Tourists Assisting Funds Department websites and Methods of maintaining website security

            Foreign Tourists Assisting Funds Department Ministry of Tourism and Sports concerns the importance of our website security against foreign intrusion or those who do not have access to our information, Thus We have established a safety protocol for our website by using a high-end security standard with Transport Layer Security (TLS). This technology use 128-bits Encryption in order to access key information through internet every time that someone make a transaction to Foreign Tourists Assisting Funds Department information. This will prevent any attempt of information theft by any third parties. This can be seen during your access of our website by user as a protocol name https://

Additional technologies that we used to supplement our security

          Aside from the TLS protocol that we use, we also use other advance technology to provide extra security to your personal information.

          Firewall is a software that allows only those who are privy or those whom we have allowed to access the information are able to pass through the firewall.

          Scan Virus has been installed in our server aside from our regularly update security software to ensure the extra safety of our information.

          Cookies is a small information cache that collects any necessary temporary into the user’s computer for your convenience and speed, however Foreign Tourists Assisting Funds Department have considered the safety of your personal information in using our cookies.

          Auto Log off Usually when user had finished accessing our information. We always recommend our user to log off in order to protect user’s own data, but in the case where user somehow forgot to log off. Our System al so have an automatic log off system in place which will log off automatically after sometime passed.

Further advice about security usage

          Even though, Foreign Tourists Assisting Funds Department has set up the best security as we could, but no amount of protection is enough to guarantee the 100% percent protection against foreign intrusion or any third parties intervention. So we can only give out advices to further protect you as such

          Before download any program from the internet, you should try to verified the authentication of the address first before logging in to it in order to avoid a fake website.

          Always installed and updated your own security program like virus detector and personal firewall to detected and counter any threats against your computer.